Friday, 27 March 2009

Spring time for...

The clock will be going into summer time this sunday - naturally we had a brief hail storm this afternoon - it's England after all. We like our weather being odd.

Last Sunday the whole country bathed in glorious sunshine; the days were getting longer and most of us thought 'this is it!' We were down in the country visiting our good friends Jane and Richard, who have a hive of bees in their garden. They had three last year but lost two. They have put an iron gate in front of the hive because of badgers!

I spent some time  with my son watching the comings and goings of the hive. Jake was delighted to see the bees with their little pollen baskets on their legs. Soon we'll be able to do this in our own garden. By tea time (when the photo was taken) the bees had disappeared back into the hive. I put my ear on the roof and heard a low contended hum.

Monday came and the cloud and the rain came and washed the early sign of spring away. Next week I shall be painting my hive - light green I think.


  1. I love that your blog lets me visit England. I think your weather there is much like mine in Western North Carolina. Spring one minute, back to winter the next. Any idea why the 2 hives were lost?

  2. Hi Lynn

    I read your post regarding your weather it does sound very similar to ours over here. My friends bees just disappeared last years. They are looking for a new swarm this year.