Friday, 13 March 2009

The hive that Chi built

Voila here it is! 

Once I got going it didn't take that long. This is the National hive for the bees. It consists of the base (if you look closely you can see the small entrance for the bees), the Brood box, two Suppers, and the roof on the top.

There is nothing inside yet. The frame, which is where the bees will draw the comb for living and storing the honey, is the next thing to be assembled then place inside. There are 22 frames in total. More woodwork! It needs a coat of paint. I have plenty of time before the bees are here. I shall be collecting the bees in mid-May at the earliest. It's like waiting for Christmas. 

Some people name their hives. What shall I call this one, I wonder?

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