Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Winter 09: End of 1st season

Another Halloween is done and dusted; winter has well and truly arrived. Bar hefting my hive all that needed to be done for the bees are done: Feeding, Varroa teating and mouse guarding. Looking over my first season it has been an interesting year. I started thinking that I may have some honey, but soon realised that the colony must have its chance to build itself up before I shall see any surplus.

I have learned a lot from the bees and they have proved to be gentle and calm to work with. The pleasure of just watching the comings and goings of the bees in warm sunny days is something that everyone should experience. Every hive inspection reaffirm, for me, the meaning of "close to nature". The location of my hive has proved to be an excellent choice and I am expecting it to provide the kind of shelter spot that will be needed to see the colony through the winter.
Despite recent wet and much cooler days I have seen activities at the hive. They are still working! Only yesterday my wife and I saw quite a few bees bring pollen back to the hive. Its hard to see from where they are collecting the pollen.

If you have been following this blog through the year, thanks for reading, and thank you, to some of you, for leaving useful comments and suyggestiuons. If you are one of my freinds who were expecting honey this year- sorry you have to wait. Have a good winter, and this blog shall return in the new year.