Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Hive in Bee Flat

You are looking my new hive (in Bee flat). Somewhere among this lot of wood is a national hive - waiting to be put together. When I took the parts out of the box - to take a photo - the room was filled with a lovely scent of cedar wood, and better still, bees wax.

I got the hive from a supplier on the other side of the river (South London side to you). The shop owner, Mr Munro, a beekeeper of 25 years standing, is a kindly looking man and very helpful. His shop is stuffed with all manner of beekeeping things. He turned out to be an ex-plumber! 

While we were in the shop another beekeeper came in and when I asked him where his hives are, he said "at the back of Walthamstow town hall", which is very near me! Two coincidences in a day.

I have also ordered my bees, which will be with me in May. There is a bit of a surge in demand for bees this year, according to Mr Munro. My own research confirms this.  This is no surprise given how much publicity beekeeping has had in the media in the recent month. 

I am now waiting for the fitting instructions for the hive, which will be sent to me by email. Where is my hammer?

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