Monday, 2 March 2009


Gina and I are looking into what kind of natural barrier we shall have to 'fence' off the bees when they arrived. Yesterday I was down at the local garden centre and spoke to a nice nurseryman. He suggested a Laurel, or a Red Robin (Phontinia) hedge. Both are evergreen and will, if allow to, grow pretty high. Whichever I choose will need trimming from time to time (extra gardening for me). I quite like the Phontinia with its red leaves on the top. Whatever hedge we decide on will occupy the space across the area where the pot is in the photo above. It will have to be just high enough to encourage the bees to fly high while not hiding the pear tree completely. This photo shows how the hive will be boxed in nicely on all side.

I have spoken to a couple of neighbours about the bees. One of them, whose English is a bit elementary, doesn't seems to know what I meant while the other gave an 'Oh No' reaction until her young son said he loves to come and watch them when they are here! Bless that child I say. 

Yesterday I mentioned my bees to someone at my local conservation group, and she told me that she had some local honey and it tasted really good. This is encouraging. The weather is turning cold again. Looking out to the grey sky summer seems a long way away. 

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