Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Bees (not mine) in my garden

Six more weeks and my bees should be here. The days are definitely getting warmer and my pear trees are in full bloom. These blossoms were buzzed by local bees; sadly they are not mine though I have a fair idea who they belong to. One local association member keeps his only a mile away so the ones in my garden today could well be his. I also saw what I thought to be a drone sunning himself on my garden wall - not busy working please note. I shall post a photo of it in a day or so.

I am trying to get my local allotment, where I have a vegetable plot, to allow beekeeping on its site. It is strange (but true) that at present there is a rule against plot holders keeping bees. You would have thought all vegetable growers would welcome the prospect of have these little pollinators on site, and on side, but not everyone is happy with the idea. The thought of having bees around is enough to send some people into a state. It's a case of fear over (logical) mind. As anyone who bother to read about bees knows the person who is most likely to get stung by bees are beekeepers. The further one is away from the hive the less likely one would get stung. Fear is an odd thing. Reason and logic find it hard to penetrate the fearful mind. The people I feel for are the ones who really want to keep bees on site. Having decided to have mine in my garden is not really an issue for me - thank goodness and the wife.

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