Friday, 3 April 2009

It's not a boy

The bee I mentioned in my last post was not a drone after all. I was told it is in fact a Miner bee. A quick search on the Net reveals that this little creature is a very important garden pollinator. One site said, though solitary, it is not a bumble bee. By chance the radio this morning was talking about the decline of bumble bees in Britain and how important they are to our ecology.

This week we have the world's G20 leaders in town for talks. Some people (the media, the police, anarchists) are getting over excited, as usual. Students of Chaos theory would know that the fate of this little bee, sunning itself in my garden, is just as important as the G20 economic talks that went on in London.

To borrow Robert Browning's phrase - ' The bee is in its place and all's well with the world.' 


  1. My local paper was more excited about what our new first lady wore when she visited your queen and if she covered her arms. (She did.) I prefer bees - honey, bumble, miner - any bee over politics. Love the shadows in your photo. Take a look at my April 2 post if you get a chance. I hope you might enjoy the pictures.

  2. I shall take a look. Your First Lady went down very well as did your President. Don't take too much notice about our newspapers they are (like children) easily excited. I though it's very sweet that the Queen ( aka Brenda) and Mrs Obama had a little hug! It shocked the old school type, of course.