Friday, 5 June 2009

At Last!

To borrow the line from Etta James's famous song: At last my bees have come along...

I called my beeman yesterday and he confirmed that I shall have my nuc of bees in a week's time. The long wait is sort of over. I better get on and make a few deep frames, which is sitting in a box at the moment.

Meanwhile down at the bottom of my garden something interesting is happening. The small bamboo plant, which got from one of my neighbour's garden, over a year ago, has suddenly decided to shoot up. I always intended this to be the last part of the screen to my hive. Now some of the shoots have reached over 10 feet tall and once the leaves unfold the bamboo will completely screen that area. In the photo you are just see the top of my hive at the bottom right corner.

I grew up in the Far East and bamboo are considered to be lucky things: Peace and prosperities. long may it be so.

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