Sunday, 14 June 2009

Home sweet home

Day 2: The advantage of having a hive at the bottom of the garden is ease of access. Early this morning I popped into the garden to see how the bees are doing.

We had a hot day yesterday. Over night it rained and cooled thing down a little. The air is once again warming up and some bees are already out and about. I took a quick look at the sugar feed I put in the hive yesterday. The bees are busy feeding and much of the liquid has disappeared.

I spent some minutes just observing the coming and going of the hive. I was pleased to see that some bees are returning from their foraging with pollen on their legs (see top right of photo). June can be a difficult month for bees as Spring nectar flow comes to an end. I am wondering if I should replenish the feeder today, or just leave them to fend of themselves, as should be. While I am deciding on this I am just enjoying the  the gentle humming sound of the bees, and the sight of them dancing in the early morning sun.

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