Saturday, 13 June 2009

Bees R us!

I got up early this morning, drove to Greenwich and collected the bees. My beeman said I have to hive them today! This is not what I expected and planned. After reading a few books I thought I would have time to let them settle down in the nuc first before moving to their new home, but I could see that the nuc I am supplied with simply doesn't allow that kind of operation. The bees are either in or out!

I drove home quickly and as soon as I arrived our house was buzzing with excitement and activity. My son, Jake, quickly put his bee veil on while I got myself ready. My wife helped to make the sugar solution. We then marched into the garden and the fun really began. To keep the bees a little calmer I covered over the nuc's mesh screen with a cloth.

As soon as I opened the nuc box the bees just poured out. They were a little upset and confused, which is natural. I quickly put the frames in the brood box. I made a quick check for the queen, but didn't see her. Rather than spending time searching for her, and risk upsetting the whole colony I decided to have a proper check next time; after they had a chance to settle down. After placing the sugar feed inside I closed up the hive. A few hours later I checked and found the bees happily flying in and out the hive. I certainly hope so.

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