Sunday, 14 March 2010

Dancing in the sun

Here they are - the little darlings. My wife thinks I am nuts calling them darlings! But you know what I mean bee lovers.

After those long winter months the very sight of them brings cheer to me and lifts my spirits.
Today happens to be Mothering Day Sunday and I do wonder how the Queen bee is doing. The weather is not yet warm enough for me to do a proper hive inspection, so I just to have be patient and wait a little longer. I have to admit it is an anxious wait to see if the QB is alive and laying.

Looking at the bees they appear to be well. I have not idea what flowers are out at the moment though I have noticed some crocuses are out and the daffodils can'e be far behind. I noticed also that the pussy willow is beginning to bloom up the near by Lea valley.

The close-up photo, taken today (Monday), clearly shows one of the worker bees bringing in pollen back to the hive. This is a good sign. As the sun is out again today I spent a few minutes observing the coming and going from the hive. I can't wait when it's warm enough to open up and have a good look inside. Watch this space readers.

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  1. That's exciting! Always good to see spring returning.

    We are starting to get warmer weather (central MA in USA), but no pollen yet. Had 3 days of solid rain (9" fell in some parts of the state) so I hope it gets it out of the system.

    This will be my 2nd year - I have 2 hives, and I think they will survive the winter.