Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Changing weather

So far, this Spring has not really made up its mind. We had a few days of fine weather followed by drizzling cold days. We even had a threat of a light frost the other evening.

The bees seems to be taking the changing weather in their stride. Today is a typical example. The day started cool and cloudy with a little bit of rain, but when I ventured out to my garden to do some planting I noticed that despite the fine drizzle the little darlings are out! Obviously the air temperature is high enough for them to go on their foraging trips. The bees continue bringing back pollen to the hive. Watch the video (below) and look out for the little "yellow pantaloons". Fingers cross the Queens is busy inside reproducing the next generation of workers bees for the season.

This week I am thinking about adding more flowers in my garden. Of course there are many gardens up and down my street, but I thought it's time I do my extra bit. This afternoon I made a big effort of clearing one corner of my garden, which frankly had been very neglected in the last few years. I clear some very invasive plants and buckets of weeds and created a short flower bed which I shall plant a few sun flowers. I planted some Marigold seeds in the main flower bed. Hopefully when the weather really warm up I shall have some bring colours in the garden this years. Already, looking at the few daffodils I planted some years ago. I thought I shall get more bulbs in the autumn and plant a host of them for next spring. There is nothing quite like a mass of golden colour, set against the spring green, to lift ones heart. The photo is that of our Buddha corner with some early spring flowers. Lovely don't you think?

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  1. I wish you prodactive and succesuful years,best wishes,stay well