Saturday, 1 May 2010

Workers' Collective

We had a thunder storm last night - it's the first bit of rain for over two weeks. The air was cool in the morning and even though the sun was out activity around the hive was very quiet. I spent the morning down at my allotment, digging and weeding, and by the time I returned home in the
early afternoon the temperature had risen so high that both colonies were buzzing.

My neighbour, big Jon, is now referring to both hives as Workers' Collectives and in a manner of speaking he is right. It's a shame that if I were to name them as such the hives would be WC1 and WC2. Think I'll stick to the Hv prefix instead.

I took a quick look at Hv2 first and things were normal. When I looked at Hv1 I was delighted to see one, then several bees bringing in pollen. This is great news! I am posting a photo and a short video in which you can see several bees retuning to Hv1 with pollen. Strangely, they all seem to have the pollen on their left hind legs. If so, I wonder how it would affect their flight.

If the weather is fine I planned to do a hive inspection, although now that I can see both hives are bringing in pollen I feel less anxious about checking. Anyway, it would depend on what the weather will do. We shall see.

How many bees are bringing pollen back to Hv1?

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  1. I wish very prodactive season,best wishes,stay well.