Monday, 19 April 2010

The new colony

In this photo you can see the nuc box which contains the swarm. This is the temporary home of my new colony of bees.

After yesterday's excitement today is the time to observe (the swarm) and to prepare a new home for the new colony.

As expected a few bees (from the nuc) were seen flying round in my neighbours garden, over the spot where they clustered yesterday. Once the air is warm enough I could see bees coming in and out of the nuc box. This is a good sign and indicates that the colony is settling into their new temporary home.

With the new colony I have made a few changes in the bee area, which is now in fact a small apiary at the back of my garden. Last night I began the process of repositioning the old hive making it facing more to the back garden wall.

This afternoon I bought a new brood box and other bit and piece and then spent much of the afternoon assembling the new hive. The shinny new hive is now ready and waiting for the right time to take it's place along side Hive no. 1. Some beekeepers name their hives may be I shall choose names for mine.No.1 and no.2 sound a bit dull. Any suggestion, readers?

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