Friday, 3 July 2009

Second inspection

My pear trees are full of fruits, and the two Buddleias on either ends of my hive are now in full bloom, so my bees have not got far to go for food. Yesterday I woke up rather early at 5 am and noted that the bees were already going out foraging.

I have been very busy with work this week so hive inspection was delay until today. I found the bees calm as before. They have not yet drawn the first three new frames at the near end, that I put down when they first arrived. From the fourth frame on ward there definite signs of recent activities. 

The original frames from the nuc are now well developed. The new drawn frames are full of store. The one empty new foundation that I placed at one end, right next to the original nuc frames, are now drawn and heavy with honey. I saw the queen again still loitering on one of the original nuc frames. There are seal brood cella some of which are drone cells, Everything look healthy enough. I tried but cannot see any eggs, or grubs. It's not easy seeing through the veil. I am thinking of getting someone who is more experience to have a look for me. Just for now I am happy that they are alright.

I am planning to put a super on top soon this will give them more space for storing food. As yet I have not decided if I should have a super as half of a brood chamber. This will give the hive a 'brood and a half' and should build up the colony nicely. Again I need to consult a more experience keeper. After the recent robbing incident I reduced the entrance with a mouse guard. This seemed to have done the trick. Yesterday as things appear to be better I finally removed the guard and now the entrance is back to normal.

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