Wednesday, 4 February 2009

My Bee Project

Welcome to my Bee Blog

This blog is primarily to keep friends and families informed about my beekeeping activities. After many years of wanting to keep bees I am finally doing something about it. So far I have signed up for a beekeeping class (starts next week), read up on beekeeping (again), and more importantly found a place to put my first hive (3 miles from my home).

I live in the city and by all accounts London honey is good. This is due largely to the fact that there are many gardens here. Not sure how much honey my hive will eventually produce, but I shall do my best. My father-in-law wondered: with the decline in bee population whether it's a good time to start keeping bees. Ye of little faith.

At the moment there isn't much to do other than waiting for Spring to arrive. Beekeeping is strictly a fair weather activity. Last week I contacted a good friend who has a hive of bees in her garden in Kent: She told me that she will not be opening her hive till March. We are having unusually cold weather this year so I expect this is a factor.

My choice of hive is the next big decision. I had almost decided on a National hive, but after much reading and thoughts I am turning my attention to the Langstroth hive. The former is more popular in Britain, and the latter more popular worldwide, especially in North America. Decisions, decisions. More reading and research I suppose. I haven't got to the bees yet!

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